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Posted by skington at Jul 10, 2004 1:10:54 PM
Re: Seeking Battle Nav Training
atteSmythe wrote: 
Back in the Day, Black Opal, with primarily me at the helm, had an win ratio of over 80% - now I have trouble breaking even.

On a cutter today, I won 5 out of 5, with a sixth lost because I disconnected partway through. With a fairly equitable crew cut, I made 1,500 PoE overall, fighting mostly Sailors and divvying three times, with the 15% crew cut paying for expenses. I also got three greenies for my crew, although that might be because I was sailing the Dodgy Mullet :-).

I'm finding that I really like rocks, not because they'll sail into them, but because it limits their options. (Same goes for the edge of the board.) My favourite parts of battle nav are when I end up in a position where, no matter what first move they make, I'm going to hit them with shot :-). I also notice that moving at the last minute works if you were already in a position where, if they moved at all, they'd be shot, no matter what they did. They've already decided not to do anything, so that one works.

Some also seem to have blind spots, although this might just be for the lower ranks. I've been able to, remarkably unsubtly, sail up to one side of a brigand and empty my guns into them. Other brigands also tend to sail directly towards my guns rather than veer away, which frankly surprises me. Oh, and I haven't seen a single sailor realise that sailing into a current going in the opposite way doesn't actually do any good. I've seen brigands waste four tokens sailing into a prevailing current, which is especially nice if you're shooting them as they go.

I also notice that brigands tend to save up tokens for when they might get grappled, and at the last minute pull out a flurry of tokens to get the hell away from your grapple lines. Which is fair enough, that's what I'd do too.

This is with non-Imperials, I'll grant you. I merely wanted to say that you can still make a nice amount of money by pillaging.
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The Vampire Muroni wrote: 
the hubby teases me when he catches me reading the back of shampoo bottles or the Thesaurus.

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