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Posted by Whitefire at Aug 9, 2005 4:00:00 PM
Re: Seeking Battle Nav Training
54x wrote: 
CapnKiri wrote: 
Whitefire wrote: 
And here I thought he wanted to learn about b-nav not manipulating the AI.

Huh? I'm sorry I don't understand Whitefire - do you want to explain what you mean?

Isn't learning about bnav, partially about understanding the AI? At what point does that become manipulating?


No, learning battle nav is primarily about learning how to assess the moves of the other player, and assess your own possibilities. After that it is learning how to predict your opponent, and as a small subsection of that, manipulating or becoming familiar with the AI.

To do well against the AI you have to learn the rules it plays by and trick it into going where you want it to go. Although players can be made to do the same, they will not alawys move as you expect while the AI always will. Naving against the AI is a set pattern that can be repeated over and over again. Learning to nav against humans requires ingenuity, intuition and guts.

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