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Posted by Darlatan at Jul 8, 2004 11:06:42 AM
Re: Seeking Battle Nav Training
I've found that it isn't running, so much as approaching the engagement with caution. It's true that if I don't like the area on the map I start out in, I will move my vessel to a better location. I don't feel it's running, so much as choosing my battleground.

When I battlenav, I tend to spend most of it jockeying for position. I keep just out of range, and try to second-guess the brigands. Once I get a couple shots in them, it's downhill from there as their bilge starts to fill. In most of my battles against Imperials, it's four or five turns before I even take a shot, and usually about ten turns before I feel as if I've gained any sort of advantage.

As a general rule, I check every gift horse I get. If I see the brigand potentially open itself to attack, I look to make sure they can't do something unexpected and surprise me - if I think there is a ever a small chance they can, I change my plans and do something opposite to what I intended (id est, I let the opportunity pass), and wait for a better opportunity.

Hope this helps, even just a little.
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