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Posted by ayli at Jul 8, 2004 7:47:47 AM
Re: Seeking Battle Nav Training
atteSmythe wrote: 
puzjunky wrote: 
so i'd say distance distance distance and force them to either come to you or run out of tokens.

Hrm. I haven't hit the seas again yet, but I have spoken with a few mates. Is this really the key to it? Running away until the brigands can't move is...well, it's incredibly boring.

Once you get four or five mates or more on a ship of appropriate size, running away until they run out of moves just plain will not work. At that point the brigand ship is guaranteed to have enough bots aboard to staff all the stations reasonably well, and they'll just keep making tokens and shooting you. The only way to get them to run out of moves is to be undermanned yourself, and likely you will still need to shoot them at least a few times before they slow down noticeably.
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