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Posted by atteSmythe at Jul 8, 2004 6:46:38 AM
Re: Seeking Battle Nav Training
puzjunky wrote: 
so i'd say distance distance distance and force them to either come to you or run out of tokens.

Hrm. I haven't hit the seas again yet, but I have spoken with a few mates. Is this really the key to it? Running away until the brigands can't move is...well, it's incredibly boring.

I suppose that's it, though. The brigands are psychic, so you can't close with 'em when you're on even terms, because they'll never be hit and they'll always hit you. Running away is the only time their behavior is defined pretty much across AIs, so it's the only time that you can be reasonably sure that you know what it'll do and that you'll be safe.

While I used to use a 'run away and shoot' back in the day (forward, forward, left-shoot,right), that I'd all but forgotten about now, I did also enjoy closing in and trading shots before engaging. If that part of Sea Battle is useless now, I'll be very disappointed - better to just assign damage to each ship based on the sailors' performance, skip the battle nav and get right on to the swordfight.

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