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Posted by puzjunky at Jul 8, 2004 2:22:07 AM
Re: Seeking Battle Nav Training
first thing i do is put some distance between me and them. move as far away from them as i can without smacking anything. then look for a area of the board where i can force them to sail a circle around a rock. i circle until they run out of tokens and come up behind and blammo.

of course last night i decided to start using small rocks and the perimeter of the board to quick turn and fire off a ton o shots. it causes some damage but if it allows you to turn and connect on 2-6 cannonballs it can be worth it. worked pretty well and i have lost 3 swordfight with brigands over the last week, out of about 20 engagements. (of course 2 were in ruby so...)

payout started low last night with about 1.5k for sea lords and 3k for imperials on a brig with 13 people. my last imperial fight gave us 10k so it got better but it's still not good.

so i'd say distance distance distance and force them to either come to you or run out of tokens.

it may help to man a cutter with plenty of people, that will force your enemy brigands to be on merch galleons, which require more bots to run and tokens will be harder for them to get after a few shots. It seems unfair that when i'm in a war brig, the only boats i come accross are merchant brigs, so i get 3 moves and they get 4. i have yet to see any brigand in a war brig that gets only 3 moves against me. they are always merchys.

who was I again?

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