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Posted by atteSmythe at Jul 8, 2004 2:10:12 AM
Seeking Battle Nav Training
Ok, mates, I'm scuppering tired of being owned by the brigands.

I've talked about burnout and all that stuff, and some of ye know that I've even considered stepping down as Monarch as a way of reducing stress. In truth, though, as stressful as the game has been lately, none of that stress has come from my position. It occurred to me last night - if I step down, I'd have more time what? Lose more?

Back in the Day, Black Opal, with primarily me at the helm, had an win ratio of over 80% - now I have trouble breaking even. After a year of playing, I feel like I've never navigated before. That's just not right. If I can't play the game like I used to, perhaps I can at least learn to do it efficiently so that I can earn some poe and get back to the parts of the game that are fun.

If anyone's actually managed to keep up with the changes, please drop me a line. Don't think anything has changed? Can't see what the problem is? Put your action where your mouth is. I've enough poe left to my name to supply the ship for runs, but not, sadly, to offer any sort of decent rate for your service. Consider the experience of working with an experienced player as good training for teaching the up-and-coming Midshipmen in your crew. The successful applicant will be patient with a reluctant student and kindly tolerate self-pitying whining.

apologizin' to those few mates who'd already offered, but figurin' he'd see if the offer still stands since there were (minor) changes since
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