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Posted by jasandrea at Jan 28, 2008 2:35:10 PM
Minor Chat Suggestion -- "too busy" messages
The "X is Ying and may be too busy to reply" messages are useful, but fair to middling annoying if you're managing to both Y and hold a conversation at the same time.

It'd be much nicer if the auto-reply was only sent out the first time it was needed in a given conversation. Things that might count as a new first time would be if X switched to a different activity, if X started a new game, if X changed scenes, if X or the person sending tells to X logged off and back on again, etc, so it wouldn't eliminate the auto-replies entirely, but it'd sure be nice for a couple of people who are both playing carousing puzzles to be able to have a conversation without the constant additional chatspam.

(Yes, I searched on this. Yes, I imagine it's already been suggested and I just didn't find it. Yes, I imagine Faulkston will be along momentarily to show me the error of my search-fu.)

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