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Posted by VemberMertz at Jan 19, 2008 8:14:25 AM
Re: Travidar's Ultimate Blacksmithing - YPPedia Guide *PLEASE REVIEW!*
McGarvery pretty much summed up my strategy and observations, as well. Nicely put, mate. Considering inflexible pieces make general board-clearage much easier, while pattern-hunting, to me, makes the game a bit more entertaining - and definitely doesn't hurt the score!

My best is 4 sets (numbers, chess, numbers, chess) in a row, you? :D

Also - does anyone have any clue if "By the numbers" scores higher than "in the rhythm" ? (Former is 1234 or 4321, latter is some scrambled order to the #s such as 3124)

Once again, terrific guide!
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