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Posted by PMega at Jan 7, 2008 10:36:24 PM
Travidar's Ultimate Blacksmithing - YPPedia Guide *PLEASE REVIEW!*
Hi everyone, I still suck at introducing threads so I'll just get right into it:

I have gotten fairly good at blacksmithing, reaching the Ultimate level. A lot of my friends have a lower Blacksmithing standing (Able to Distinguished) and so asked me for tips on how to get better scores.

After compiling a list of what I did during my gameplay, I wrote up summaries and explanations of the strategies I used. I then decided to post this guide on the YPPedia, since there are many other such guides on there dedicated to other puzzles. (Notably, blacksmithing is missing any such guide.)

I have finished putting up the guide, and it is more or less complete. Here is the link:

What I hope this guide will do is allow people to, well, improve at blacksmithing. What I DON'T know is if my guide is well-written. That's where you guys come in.

I'm asking for those who are interested to please read my guide and give me feedback on what I can do to improve it.

Please, don't be nice. Seriously, I mean it. Be as mercilessly nitpicky as you want; I welcome progress and I won't be offended. I really just want you guys to give me really detailed suggestions as to how I can make the guide better, because it is something I really feel would help the community. Honestly, anything besides "TRASH THE GUIDE" I will appreciate. =P

I really do want feedback on this, because some of this I wrote while I was on a roadtrip and tired, so I am 100% sure that at some parts are poorly written and unclear. Some things that it would be helpful to pick out are below:

- Would it be helpful for me to put in pictures somewhere? TELL ME!
- Am I being too wordy? TELL ME!
- Is some of it vague or confusing to understand? PLEASE TELL ME!
- To my fellow Ultimate Blacksmithers: Are one or more (or, goodness forbid, ALL) of my tips utter crap? TELL ME. I won't mind, I promise.
- Is there anything AT ALL wrong with my guide? TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL ME!

You get the idea.

One other thing is, if anyone has a tip he/she would like to add, please let me know. It doesn't have to be written out; once I receive the tip from you I will transform it into my format. And I will give you full credit, of course.

Oh, if you have something positive to say about my guide, you can too... I suppose... =P

Anyways, that's it for now! Thank you and enjoy my guide, I hope it helps you!

Travidar on the Viridian Ocean
Author of Puzzled Pirates

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