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Posted by tkp42 at Dec 27, 2007 10:38:05 PM
Re: Colour Days
Ta dah! A shiney new avatar for the upcoming Colo(u)r Days! My apologies to you non-American types for leaving out the "u" -- I merged the PhotoShop layers before I thought about making an avatar with "colour." Soz. (However, I did save it with some of the layers intact so I can change the date and color info next month. Wheee!)

(feel free to link to this at

Ols, I really wanted to put your name on the graphic, but the text was just too small. Double soz.

Anyway, here's a tinyURL version of the link to this thread, just in case you'd like to sig it:

I'll be changing my avatar and sig after the new year. =)
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