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Posted by soveruin at Dec 24, 2007 12:17:49 PM
Yarrr! Monthly Colour Days on Ice!

Following the success of Stephensam's Lime Day on the Cobalt Ocean, I have been inspired to make my own Colour Day. This day will take place on the 23rd of every month of the year, and will alternate over these months. The schedule for the December 2007 to December 2008 period has already been decided, and is below:

January: White
February: Pink
March: Green
April: Violet
May: Blue
June: Orange
July: Maroon
August: Navy
September: Purple
October: Aqua
November: Grey
December: Red

So what can you do, you ask? Well, you can make tournaments containing the colour, you can run pilliages dedicated to the colour, you can even run a fashion show. If you're doing something big under the name on White Day, or any other day, and needs planning, then send me a PM or announce here and i'll add it to a list of Events. Since this is my first time at Event Planning, White Day may not be a huge success, but I look forward to a prosperous Pink Day.

If you would like to discuss plans in further detail, see the discussion thread on Ice Discussion. If you want to ask questions about the event, or post concerns or praise, post here.

Thats all i've got about it now, but if anyone needs further details, PM me and i'll get whatever it is up on this post.

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