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Posted by Benzene265 at Dec 21, 2007 5:44:04 AM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3

Now, of course, when you're a well-tanned blonde preaching the benefits of being a well-tanned blonde to anyone who will listen (and a few who won't), you're not too picky about your audience. I would interview the first sucker... er Ringer I ran into, except maybe Glaucus since he's clearly been pro-Revolution from the beginning. Then, I'd tell him or her about how great blonde, well-tanned pirates are and how they're obviously better than pale, brunette ones. As far as questions go, there's only one I want answered:

So, enough about me. What do YOU think of my tan?

A Ghyslaine and a Rhodin for every Ocean, but mostly on Viridian.
Make the natural choice for our oceans: Google Rhodin Blonde!

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