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Posted by treese at Dec 18, 2007 7:58:23 AM
Re: Questions from a Cobalt-Newbie
I agree, there aren't many folks that do more than 5 battles before porting. I miss Willie's war frig pillies, used to be some good poez back in da day!

But if yer up fer a long pilly, Kavlin, look us up. Mine are usually at least 3 hrs long and have been known to go for 7 hrs or more. Bagels (baglah's to the newcommers) and brigs mostly, and I have a lot of repeat jobbers, although I do avoid the inter arch. 12/0 last night plus blood, and I do reward +'s for mates who stay a certain # of battles (over half the trip).

Many of my crew are American, so we're usually out evenings and late night (late late nights!) east coast time, unless of course we're jobbing for you!
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