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Posted by kavlin at Dec 17, 2007 9:01:21 PM
Re: Questions from a Cobalt-Newbie
Kalvin wrote: 
... It really is too bad that a lot of pillages center around a two island hop now-a-days.

You can change that ya know....

lol One pirate doing a 5-6 hour tour of the ocean doesn't equal to the "a lot". Now back in the day, I did do long runs, but certain releases (which have been tarted over so much it's way past beating a dead horse, more like beating the ground the horse was buried under) have cut down on alot of jobber's attention spans. <sigh> Since I am forced by RL to cut down on my actual play time, it would be nice if you'd do it. Got plenty of time now that the BK's are on a holiday.

disclaimer: I rarely check the pillages anymore so if you have been doing long runs, kudos, I wouldn't know and you would be one of the few.
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