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Posted by slntslayer at Dec 17, 2007 11:59:10 AM
Re: Questions from a Cobalt-Newbie
Liv has been known to take out late night Atlantis runs but the jobbing pool is usually a bit lighter and tougher to find mates.

Floatilla runs, well, you need to wait for a floatilla to be present then usually Cybr or myself are constantly out attacking it. Also Sourlime and Loola are also quite active floatilla runners. But much like atlantis, it takes a while to find 50+ good mates to keep the WF alive.
When all else fails, go blow something up.
I'm a BK hunting trollop, and how!
Rehio wrote: 
There's gotta be some law that prohibits Rashnu from having any sort of contact with greenies.

i R slo kiddo.....

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