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Posted by YokoMoko at Dec 15, 2007 1:10:00 PM
Questions from a Cobalt-Newbie
Hey! I have come from Viridian/Hunter ocean as Yokomoko to come play at Cobalt as Yamamoto for a new start and hopefully a better Piratey Quality-Of-Life in the long run. I decided to come here after a long break I took from Y!PP.

Is there anything I need to know before truely joining this ocean?

From my stats as Yokomoko on the Viridian ocean (I have no idea how to get a link of my stats) - What would the recommended crews be? I am starting from nothing which I haven't done for 3 years so it should be very fun and an interesting experience.

Shoppes - For a later time, I would like to know how much shoppes go for on this ocean (Buy/Sell). When I went to Hunter from Viridian I realised that Viridian was a lot cheaper than Hunter and Sage (Because the Terra on Viridian is overcrowded I assume), however it seems to be harder to get money on this ocean and less economy changes here so would they be cheaper than 1-2mil here?

Your pillages on the Voyages tab seem very well proportioned compared to the green oceans with just enough of them going on at once and the inns arn't at all crowded, so generally the atmosphere is a lot nicer and I will try and keep it that way with my pressence here *;-)*.

Much green loves,
Yokomoko - Hunter

Cairi wrote:
Think of it as foreplay and look forward to the release

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