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Posted by Orac at Jun 23, 2004 10:04:30 PM
Re: /Me
Out of what's been discussed so far, both gramatically and in terms of a logical user interface, I'm in favour of:

/speak /emote says, "Hello"
Sparrowhawk says, "Hello"

/crew /emote says, "Hello"
Crewmate Sparrowhawk says, "Hello"

/jcrew /emote says, "Hello"
Jobber Sparrowhawk says, "Hello"

/officer /emote says, "Hello"
Officer Sparrowhawk says, "Hello"

/royalty /emote says, "Hello"
Royalty Sparrowhawk says, "Hello"
- or maybe -
Co-royal Sparrowhawk says, "Hello"

/fofficer /emote says, "Hello"
Flag Officer Sparrowhawk says, "Hello"

/tell Cleaver /emote says "Hello"
To Cleaver, Sparrowhawk says "Hello" - (to Sparrowhawk's screen) -
Privately, Sparrowhawk says "Hello" - (to Cleaver's screen) -
- or maybe -
To you, Sparrowhawk says "Hello" - (to Cleaver's screen) -

It ought to be possible to entirely duplicate speaking with an emotive construct; in the ancient textual world of multi-player games, speaking, thinking and so forth were limited versions of emoting. Shapes and colours are interesting possibilities, but I would not want them to be the only way I can tell what mode of address was used. As it is, this is currently the case for the two crew chats, and I'm not fond of that already.

It is always possible that flag royals or OMs would for some hideous reason want to be able to emote in brodcasts, so the following is up for shooting down as soon as possible:

/fbroadcast /emote broadcasts, "Hello"
Flag Royal Sparrowhawk broadcasts, "Hello"

/broadcast /emote broadcasts, "Hello"
Ocean Master Sparrowhawk broadcasts, "Hello"

However, I'm emphatically against extending this to shouts, ponders and the like, as they should be alternative expressions to speaking in the same way that emote is used. It does follow, though, that I would accept these as sub-commands - by way of example:

/crew /shout Hello
Crewmate Sparrowhawk shouts, "Hello"
- in appropriately large and spiky text -

Though on reflection, shouting is already annoying enough on islands to seriously consider not allowing it in /jcrew or /tell at any price:

/tell Cleaver /shout Wake up and answer me IMMEDIATELY!
Privately, Sparrowhawk shouts "Wake up and answer me IMMEDIATELY!"
- again, in appropriately large and spiky text -
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