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Posted by Yours_Truely at Nov 24, 2007 9:34:14 AM
Re: [Selling] Avatars!
This thread is so pointless people can just make their own avatar thread this forum is dead anyways.

It's a thread for all the avatar artists to post in so people are aware of them, sort of like advertising,for example, some avatar shoppes are in the various ocean Bazaars so the people who frequent Mariners Muse and not Bazaars for avatars can find avatar makers from this thread. It's basically a collection of links so you wouldn't have to go through every single page in Mariners Muse and the various ocean Bazaars to find your ideal artist, but instead just click a link and be directed to their shoppe.
Also, this forum isn't dead, there are new posts in it every single day without fail! People buy and sell avatars here, there are also art/writing related events that need to be entered through the Mariners Muse because this is the designated "creative" forum.
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