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Posted by 54x at Jun 19, 2004 2:56:21 PM
Re: /Me
wnorman wrote: 
Diamondblade's ideas sound good to me. I like having multiple methods. Each channels should have clear distintions in as many ways as possible, while also being somehow grouped by commonality (crew, flag, etc). This seems to accomplish that - and would be really clear if combined with my title/name says suggestion.

54x wrote: 
There's still no way to emote in a /tell.

Maybe take the "tell" part out of the display-

/tell Shark hi
Diamondblade privately says "Hi"

/tell Shark /em waves
Diamondblade privately waves 

I'm thinking more along the lines of:

/te Shark Hiya!
"Diamondblade says to you: Hiya!"

/te Shark /me grins
"Diamondblade grins to you"

This seems like natural language to me, AND it serves our needs for emoting.
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