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Posted by Inuki at Jun 19, 2004 12:48:21 PM
Re: /Me
I've seen crewmates confused a lot when I used /o to talk about a jobber - I got a few tells saying "You know he can see /crew, right?" I'm all for changing colors and making the different channels more distinctive than they are. (On that note, why are outgoing and incoming tells different colors and edgings? Strikes me as odd.)

As for tells... The chat system here is very similar to that of most MU*s that I've tried. One MUSH in particular had a very nice way of phrasing pages, their equivalent to tells, that allowed emotes. Example conversation:

You paged Soandso with 'hi!'
Soandso pages: Hey!
From afar, Soandso waves
Long distance to Soandso: Inuki grins

Converting to PP vocabulary wouldn't be hard - just replace "page" with "tell." The emote phrasing could stay the same.

Or this, from the same system - a whisper. (Private to someone in the same room, but with others able to see you're communicating.)

You whisper, "Hey" to Soandso.
Soandso whispers: Hi there
Soandso senses: Inuki smiles
You sense: Soandso grins

Poor phrasing for the first part, but using "senses" for the private emotes is another way that might work. Both possibilities suffer from not having the person doing the action first in the case of an emote, but both would allow emotes in tells.

The channel system has always seemed very MU*-like to me, so I guess it's natural that I'd think of ways I've seen them work around the problem.
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