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Posted by 54x at Jun 19, 2004 11:05:24 AM
Re: /Me
They're avoiding it because it's hard/not rewarding enough to code, not because of sexism or anything :)

Okay, anyway, here's a nice graphic example of what I was thinking. It could easily be combined with Shark's idea, replacing the "X chats," with "Flag officer X chats/Royalty X chats/Royalty X broadcasts/Officer X chats," and so on- which is probably wise, as this adds in redundancy for anyone who is colourblind enough not to be able to tell between the chat colours.

The bright yellow modes are "royalty" ones. So the bright yellow square mode is /fbroadcast. Then, the angular modes are restricted modes- this means /officer, /fofficer, and possibly /royalty, although I included the existing method there, too. (does that one abbreviate? /r? /ro?) To facilitate the emote, the angular mode actually changes shape. In this case, it might actually make more sense to have them inverted around, as the one I've currently got listed for chat looks a lot like the emote graphic, but that doesn't matter so much.

Problems: We'd have to learn a new shape for the restricted modes.
We'd have to learn a new colour.
We'd have to get used to flag broadcasts looking square, like normal broadcasts.
There's still no way to emote in a /tell.
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