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Posted by 54x at Jun 18, 2004 5:16:19 AM
Re: /Me
The broadcast squares at the moment are kinda tan. I'm thinking yellow as in the YPP cloth colour, not that sorta sedate thing that you get for crew-members logging on sorta thing.

No, see, it's "Flag Officer Shark" who's chatting. And then you could have "Crewmate Tomyris says 'Ahoy!'", which I think sounds kind of friendly.

Oh yes, I wasn't saying that that's not EVEN BETTER, but I was saying that it's actually incorrect to have Flag officer chats. It's not a phrase. But Flag-officer-chats works, although VERY unelegantly.

Not that I feel the devs did a bit job of it though. They came up with a pretty elegant solution for a first try that wasn't allowed to use gender distinctions.
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