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Posted by Mercano at Jun 18, 2004 4:26:33 AM
Re: /Me
54x wrote: 
The blue color would be enough to signify its still officer chat, so long as someone changes the color of royalty chat so they no longer match

I've asked for this before, too. It'd be nice to have a chat "shape" for officer chat, and a distinct colour to go along with that shape for royalty chat and blad broadcast, which should be square.

For the shape I was thinking angular, as in < >. ANd for the colour for /royalty and /fb, I was thinking yellow, with the crew chat shape for /royalty, and the square announcement shape for /fb.

Yellow squares are allready used for game-related messages, like Going aboard, You are now in persuite of the 'Brigand Ship,' and such. I was thinking about a purple somewhere inbetween jobbing pink and flag navy, being royalty and all. Another shape idea: sorta crown edges at either end: \^Royalty chat stuff ^/. Flag stuff should get some wavy flag look, but thats been used for crew chat longer. Mabey Dimondblades <flag officer chat> for one and >Flag broadcast< for the other?

I just know so many people care about the shape of royalty chat boxes. ;)

Lallaria wrote: 
And that would prevent some booches between /crew and /o

Officer Lallaria says, "this cabin person is really annoying"
Crewmate Rubby says, "what's up cabin person, I'm #1!"

As an added bonus, it would aslo make things a little clearer in chatlogs latter.
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