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Posted by Cleaver at Aug 17, 2003 4:51:30 AM
Re: Island Colonisation and Diamond Shoppes
JonIncognito wrote: 

Oh i also noticed that Byrne island has a nice little homage to the band Talking Heads going.. "David Byrne" was one of the band's lead singers, and the market there is the "Once in a Lifetime market", and i would like to know if that will continue on with something like the "Loom for Sale" or "Take me to the Weaver" weavery, "Nothing but Fedoras" tailors, "Burning Down the Boat" shipyard, "Gangster of Rum" distillery, or the "Bed to Nowhere" inn.

Muhahaha. Brilliant. I don't know if Byrne could handle so many shoppes, but it'd be hilarious.

The Governor names shoppes -- often with the consultation of the future owner.

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