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Posted by muffy at Aug 15, 2003 2:34:45 AM
Re: OceanMasters
Reviewed Bloodymary's sea terms and came up with a few, plus some of me own:

Admirals (hints at admirable)
Masters at Arms (amusing acronym MA)
Sea Lawyers ("Rules Lawyers")
Skippers (as distinguished from Captain, but still indicating in charge)
Lieutenants (a rank, and has a connotation of delegated authority)
Ringmasters (Three Rings, running a circus, etc.)
Ringleaders (troublemakers! *grin*)
Commodore, Commander, Lieutenant Commander (various unused ranks)
Cruise Directors (here to make sure everyone has fun)
Helmsmen (steering)
Lookouts (watch for trouble at sea)
Shore Patrol (watch for trouble on shore)

In me search for good names, I came across this fine page of links (down at the bottom) to pirate information.
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