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Posted by bel_pirates at Sep 4, 2007 8:13:19 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
1. Link/unlink option
Thanks. I'll just turn it off through the commods screen then. :)

Just to be clear, it's not on the commods sheet, but on the commod pricing section of each shop sheet. So to turn it off on the Monger sheet, change the buy prices on the Monger sheet.

But, since we're on the track of sales..... How about those premades. Now you only have to fill an amount of poe, but isn't it easier to make a table like the dock-side sales and call it pre-mades. For things like swords and others which are not sold dockside? It would also give you a fine way to set your prices, I think........

I've been considering what to do about pre-mades to make them more automated. A table that tracks item type and cost to produce would be a good way to do it, then the sale could be tracked and a profit calculated. I'll look into ways to do that when I get back into editing. :)

4. Error?
a) I found something of which I think is incorrect. In the dockside sales the adjustment from the shop sales isn't calculated in the cost/unit. I thought it should be calculated there too.........

The adjustment area is not a cost to the shop, but rather to the customer. Let's say it costs you 100 poe to make a single unit of small cannon balls, but everyone else on the island sells them for 120 from the store interface. You don't want to sell for so much less, so you make an adjustment of +19 poe. Your cost remains the same, but consumers now pay more for your goods. So the adjustment is taken into the final cost of the product, but not into store costs. The dock-side sales area only shows your cost, so adjustment is ignored.

b) In the Dockside sales the word Can produce isn't showing in the shown column. It says #nb instead

The row height might not be big enough to show the entire text. Try making it bigger and see if that fixes it.
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The Shop Tool

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