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Posted by Scrappyilse at Sep 3, 2007 8:06:12 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
1. Link/unlink option
Thanks. I'll just turn it off through the commods screen then. :)

2. Including Extra stalls
I make a new copy of the sheet once I open the 2nd stall in an industry. My first IM might be on Alpha, and my 1st Apoth on Turtle, but they'd be in the same sheet. When I open my 2nd IM on Turtle, then I'd start a new sheet. You might be able to actually keep two copies of the same stall in the sheet by making a copy of a sheet but I can't vouch for it. Theoretically it will work, but be prepared to see something break. Make a backup first. :)

I'll certainly make back ups first :)
I think I'll organize the spreadsheets by islands. I'm not sure yet though. It all depends on what I'm actually able to buy lol But I hope I'll be able to buy stalls on the same island. That would be sooo much easier :)

3. Profits:
"Profits" is a tricky issue. When I wrote it, I assumed that poe in the system is mostly fixed. Poe comes in from the player and counts toward debt. Poe leaves to the player's pockets and subtracts from debt. The remaining poe is either in the form of Coffers, Raw Materials or Finished Goods waiting to be sold. If you keep up with record keeping, the "Net Worth" section should continue to grow over time if you are doing well. The individual numbers such as amount invested in stock, finished goods and coffers will fluctuate.

The column marked "profit" in the finished goods area reflects real profit on that single item. If you are using the cost/labor_unit feature, rent is included in the cost of making an item and this profit number is a "true" profit as nearly all costs are accounted for. If you aren't using it, the profit is derived from the sell price - cost of commods/labor. By not using this feature, it's possible to have all your items set to make a profit but you're actually losing Net Worth because of the lost of poe from rent.

It's all pretty complicated, but hopefully this helps you out some.

Well, it helped in some way. I've been made a manager of an IM about a week ago. Things are starting to make sense now lol The escrow keeps a nice track of the sold items in the shop. So I don't think I need something special for that anymore. Maybe only for keeping track of what sells best, but nothing more lol

But, since we're on the track of sales..... How about those premades. Now you only have to fill an amount of poe, but isn't it easier to make a table like the dock-side sales and call it pre-mades. For things like swords and others which are not sold dockside? It would also give you a fine way to set your prices, I think........

4. Error?
a) I found something of which I think is incorrect. In the dockside sales the adjustment from the shop sales isn't calculated in the cost/unit. I thought it should be calculated there too.........
b) In the Dockside sales the word Can produce isn't showing in the shown column. It says #nb instead

Dutch Translation
I'll mail it to you once I've got it finished.

Thanks for your help!
~regards, Ilse~
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