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Posted by Cleaver at Aug 14, 2003 1:03:45 AM
Re: Island Colonisation and Diamond Shoppes
Matthias wrote: 
Is this a standard thing, or will something eventually be implemented to do colonisation completely in-game?

The latter; eventually you'll just be able to load up a galleon with supplies and gold, roll down to an uninhabited island, and build a fort. Assuming nobody attacks you...

The way we currently envisage island colonisation work is roughly; there are two kinds of island, populated and 'rustic'. The populated islands, once established, will very rarely be seized in blockades (instead a successful blockade will levy Tribute on the island). Rustic islands, which will have hard limits to build-out, will be 'colonies' fought over by the flags and therefore amenable to be seized back and forth in blockades.

What we're looking for is for flags to fight over colonial territory, but not to be able to ruin the gaming experience of large numbers of other people by rolling into their carefully colonised, built-up island and just taking it all (let alone destroying it). We just don't think the latter is all that much fun, and I suspect that certain recent other games have demonstrated this (although I've not had time to play them to find out...)

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