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Posted by tcarr at Aug 13, 2007 9:06:23 AM
Re: Logical Crafting: Mackerel contestant feedback thread
Solution is now posted

Congratulations to the winners of the Mackerel round! We had two players who submitted correct solutions, good explanations, and also gave significant feedback on Mackerel.

The winner of the sloop "Logical Mackerel" is Armillaria of Midnight. It was an extremely difficult judgment to make. Because of the closeness of the tie, Donall of Hunter gets "pie or cake" level of runner-up points added to his previous points.

This page will remain online indefinitely, however it will link to the latest version of Mackerel on GameGardens. I tried to design the logic puzzle so that it will still work correctly with any new version of Mackerel.

Cumulative Runner-Up Prizes

The following contestants have accumulated runner-up points.
  • Magrat of Viridian - 3 points
  • Tanonev of Sage - 3 points
  • Donall of Hunter - 3 points
  • Malach of Cobalt - 2 points
  • Armillaria of Midnight - 2 points
  • Shooshy of Sage - 1 point
  • Dellabelle of Viridian - 1 point
  • Sagefire of Viridian - 1 point
  • Zaybex of Sage - 1 point
1 point: Your choice of cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or a pirate greeting card

2 points: Your choice of pie, exotic coffee, scroll, or any medal costing 5K + 5 dubs

3 points: Your choice of cake, any medal costing 10K + 10 dubs, any cat, or any dog

Each runner-up should contact me via PM or email, providing several possible days and times that would be convenient for collecting your prize. I'll get back to you on which one suits my own schedule. Prizes must be collected by September 1st.

In addition, each of the winners of sloops and most of the runner-up winners will be nominated for an award for GCPP Round 2, at a level similar to the one that resulted in the "Unchiseled Potential" trophy ffor GCPP Round 1 participants. Please note that all I can do is nominate; I'm not judging the participation awards for GCPP.
LordKalvan of Otherwhen, all oceans but mostly Midnight

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