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Posted by Scrappyilse at Aug 12, 2007 2:56:42 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
Hey Belgarion,

First of all, thanks for the awesome tool. Although I don't have a stall yet, I do want to buy several ones, so I'm already testing the shop tool. Just to get to know it BEFORE I have a stall, so that I can immediately use it :)

I have a few questions though:
1. Link/unlink option: Will this option be included in the following update? I'm asking this because I'm thinking about buying an apothecary first and I don't have a distillery.
2. Including Extra stalls: If I want to include a stall of the same kind, but on another island, do I have to keep the same name for the spreadsheet, or do I have to use another name. Since the spreadsheets are linked, I thought I'd have to keep the same name, but won't that give wrong results in the end?
3. Clearification needed on the profits: Maybe it's because I don't own a stall yet, but here's what I'm wondering about: There's an overview for the Dockside sales. You can change the current stock and the docksell. Great. I asume that I have to accumulate all the Dockside sells I get over the years? Then there's another thing. Where are the sells you make IN the shop (pirates who buy in your shop) and the current stock for that? I hope someone can explain that to me. Because I can see the table Shop Sales, but I don't see a column in there in which I can include how much I've actually sold of the particular product. It's only the prices......

Thanks again for the wonderful tool! Once I've got enough money to buy a stall, I think it will be a tool I'll use constantly!

Oh, BTW, if anyone would like Dutch Translation, I can work on that, if ya want.
~regards, Ilse~
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