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Posted by marie61 at Aug 10, 2007 2:49:55 AM
Re: Logical Crafting: Mackerel contestant feedback thread
part 2
*Suggest a better word than "Zebra" for the "well you matched the pattern but got the colors wrong" bonus.
i think the 2 words should be related somehow and jacquard is another complex type of weaving. i also like arabesque. since tapestry is weft-faced weaving, in which all the warp threads are hidden in the completed work [] , the obvious opposite is warpfaced.
* What would make the game more fun?
-since i am easily confused, the one thing i would use most would be an "undo last move" button. you could make it more realistic by not allowing cuts to be undone.
-maybe the option of combining 2 beads to make a different bead which would A)allow you to twist 2 threads together resulting in a "heather" type thread or perhaps B) create a silver or gold thread which would be needed in patterns on the most difficult level.
-increase the penalty for wasted thread? not sure if it would be more fun or not but i tried a few games in which i tried to get a tapestry every time, whether i had enough of the right colors or not. i made as much of the pattern as possible and then made perfect rows with the 3rd color. when a spool or the right color appeared, i cut off the rows that didn't fit and continued to complete the tapestry. i used the loom width that fit best and wasted a fair amount of thread. a penalty of a few points (usually 10 or less) is far outweighed by the bonus of over 200 and i still got incredible.
*Suggest one or more tips to be used for Mackerel
-use the widest loom size possible since row size is used to calculate score
-since 4 rows fill each star, try have 1 row left and then end game with a tapestry or zebra

:( next time don't run off so quickly! i am confused about this: Perfect row bonus = (current loom size) * (number of consecutive perfect rows + difficulty level) shouldn't the score be 4* (4+1)=20 and not 8? (or no wonder i do better at higher levels......)

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