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Posted by bel_pirates at Aug 7, 2007 1:22:00 PM
Re: The Shop Tool
Highlight columns M:O, right click the column header and choose "Unhide." This will show the tax data as the shop tool sees it. Make sure there is a tax value for labor. It should be 3/4/5 for basic/skilled/expert. If it says N/A, there is most likely a problem with your ocean's tax sheet.

To fix this, go to your ocean sheet (ie, Midnight) and make sure all of the data is in one table with the commodities in column A and tax values in column B. Sometimes (I can't figure out why) the labor portion of the tax values will load in columns C/D or D/E. If this is the case, do the following:

1. Select Cell A1
2. Click Data/Import External Data/Edit Query
3. Unselect any tables that are selected
4. Click the arrow left of Commodity
5. Click the arrow left of Labor Type
6. Click Import

First: insert the same loving comments that everyone else posts about this tool here.

Now to my problem: I've tried the fix listed above for the tax computation problem. However, when I do the Edit Query I get a message from Excel saying that it is a web based query and cannot be edited. Also, I cannot find any "arrow left of commodity". I assume that this is because of the web based query problem.

I am using version 5.11 in Excel for Mac 2004.

The tax data for labor is showing up in columns d/e of the ocean pages.

Also, As I am only using this to run an Ironworking stall, is there a simple way to eliminate all the error messages I'm getting because formulas trace back to date from other shop pages that also show errors? Or will that all be fixed when I get the tax problem fixed?

Thank you for your help.

Your mileage in Excel for Mac may vary... I don't have access to a Mac to test the sheet, so I'm not sure how to get it working. If you have tax data and it's just the labor that's the problem, you can add that data in manually below the updated section and things should be fine. If I find a friend with a Mac, I'll try looking at it to see what I discover. It's possible that someone else here is using a Mac and might know the work-around for you though.

The data linking back to other sheets can be fixed by replacing the numbers in the pricing section with your own numbers. Once the formula is overwritten, it won't go looking for that data anymore.
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