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Posted by marie61 at Aug 7, 2007 3:06:48 AM
Re: Logical Crafting: Mackerel contestant feedback thread
my feedback, part 1
* Was the quickstart helpful in learning how to play?
* How easy was it to learn to play?
i didn't need it since i had already played pickerel

* What is the addiction factor? Do you have to force yourself to play it a few more times in order to give decent feedback, or does it tempt you to keep playing when you have other things to do? (or somewhere in the middle)
* Separate from the addiction, is playing the game fun?
it is fun to play and tempting enough to keep playing a few more games than i had intended
* Does the analogy work for weaving?
yes, as it did for pickerel
* Mackerel is a variation of Pickerel, from round one. If you are familiar with Pickerel, which of the two games do you prefer? Why?
the choice between matching patterns and just making perfect rows make mackerel much more interesting

* Approximately how long does it take you to play a typical game on a given level, using the default lobby parameters? Does this time feel too long, too short, or about right?
level 4, about 10 minutes but it seemed like less
* Which level did you find to be the most fun?
level 4 (i liked the more complicated patterns)
* What is your favorite part of the game?
matching the patterns
* If you tried playing using just three colors, did you notice any significant difference in difficulty as compared to the default four colors?
it didn't seem much different, although i expected it to be easier to make tapestries, and my highest score so far was with 3 colors
* If you experimented with the max length slider, did you notice any significant difference in difficulty or enjoyment of the game, compared to the default number of 12?
longer threads make it a little more difficult to make perfect rows
* How often do you get a bead? Does this feel like the right amount, or do you get far too many of them? Would you like an option to destroy a bead that you don't want?
i think maybe this was suggested for pickerel but i usually had too many beads at the end and could have used one early in the game if it started with 1 already in the tray
* How often do you change the width of the loom? Do you like having this option?
a lot, and yes

* Playing on the level that you enjoy the most, what strategy or technique did you use?
i look at the pattern and see what length threads i have in those colors. if i can't make a tapestry ot zebra with what i have, i try for a large piece using the color(s) i don't want and use the beads to try to get a new thread of the "right" color to appear. i also try to not cut any more than necessary since the "leftover" rows from a tapestry or zebra sometimes fit the next pattern

* If you played enough to be able to make fairly consistent Incredibles on level 3 or 4, is the strategy that you used to do this something that could be easily coded? Board farming is allowed; boards only count if you have placed a spool on the loom. sorry, this is waaaay past my level of expertise (maybe equal to a bright 7th grader)
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