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Posted by Cleaver at Aug 13, 2003 1:04:27 PM
We are beginning recruitment for our first swathe of part-time, remote OceanMasters (for want of a better name, suggestions welcome). The details are here:

We are obviously hoping that players will apply for these positions. We're not sure how many of these folk we're going to bring on board to start with, but it will be be at least three. It's ideal work for someone who plays a lot of Puzzle Pirates and doesn't, perhaps, have a full-time commitment. That said, you may have to give up some of your PP accolades to prevent any accusations of conflict of interest: right now our thought is that Governorships should not be held by OceanMasters, but that shoppe keeping is probably okay. Just in order to relax in your off-hours you will probably not want to be Captain of a big crew. The OM account will be separate from the player's and obviously carefully monitored.

These are paid positions, with professional expectations. Alas, the pay will not be great to start with, but our coffers are not overflowing. When there's Booty, we'll do some divvying.

If ye have questions that might be well addressed publically please post them here, or email me.

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