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Posted by actreal at Aug 4, 2007 8:04:21 PM
Re: Logical Crafting: Mackerel contestant feedback thread
I just added two additional questions to the original post in this thread:
  • Suggest a better word than "Zebra" for the "well you matched the pattern but got the colors wrong" bonus.
  • In YPP puzzles when you advance to a slightly harder level, a panel is displayed giving you a tip on how to play the game better. Suggest one or more tips to be used for Mackerel

This might be the geek in me but I like "Congruous!" as a substitute for Zebra.

Suggested tips:

* Plan your attack - before putting your first spool down, assess which loom size will be best given your choice of spools. A loom of size 4 requires spools of length 5, 10 or 15 for perfect rows.

* Use beads wisely - splice together threads that will provide one or more perfect rows by themselves, preferably rows required to build the current pattern.

* Be efficient - you only have a certain number of rows before the game finishes. Build Tapestries and Zebras as often as you can to maximise your score.

* Bigger isn't better - you don't have to build to the top of the loom before clearing patterns or cutting completed rows with your scissors

* Don't despair if you can't make a pattern with the spools you have. Chained perfect rows - Double, Triple, Bingo, etc. - are a good way to score while using up spools that aren't useful for your current pattern.
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