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Posted by Cleaver at Aug 13, 2003 12:29:59 PM
Island Colonisation and Diamond Shoppes
This be a new thread regarding Island Colonisation (possibly in Diamond, most likely in new archipelagoes) and Shoppes (in Diamond).

A number of Flags are now building up the strength to consider colonisation. We are amenable to this prospect and encourage them to submit expressions of interest to me at Please include all salient details such as your Pirate name, crews in your flag (at least 3 credible crews), total resources in PoE (at least 100k+) and Pirates, and so forth. For now these will go on file, until we have new archipelagoes or decide to colonise more in Diamond, the former of which is most likely.

Additionally there are still one or two open spots for shoppes in Diamond on Winter, Turtle and Alpha. Apply to me as above. The minimum investment is 50k and most likely more.

Note that for Shoppes in Emerald and on Cnossos (congratulations Uzi) you should apply directly to the Governor.

Thank ye kindly.

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