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Posted by kattish713 at Jul 31, 2007 7:56:04 AM
Re: Logical Crafting: Mackerel contestant feedback thread
* Was the quickstart helpful in learning how to play?
-It was helpful in getting the basics down, but it could use a little more detail perhaps. I didn't understand the beads at all until tcarr turned up and I asked a few questions.

* How easy was it to learn to play?
-The basics can be picked up almost immediately. Some of the finer points (beads, getting perfect rows, the zebra thing) take a few games to pick up.

* What is the addiction factor?
-I certainly didn't mind playing, it was fun. If 1 is "forcing myself to play" and 10 is "I know the oven's on fire but ONE MORE ROW!" then this game is about a 6. I'm not sure why it's compelling to play though.

* Separate from the addiction, is playing the game fun?
-Relatively. There's not a huge amount of challenge at the lower levels, but at the higher levels it's a bit more fun.

* Does the analogy work for weaving?
-Absolutely. Some puzzles work better than others at representing what they're meant to, and I think this would turn out to be one of the better ones. You're working in a weavery, and actually weaving.

* Approximately how long does it take you to play a typical game on a given level, using the default lobby parameters? Does this time feel too long, too short, or about right?
-Five minutes, give or take. That seems a little too short.

* Which level did you find to be the most fun?
-They were all about even.

* What is your favorite part of the game?
-Trying to make "perfect" numbers with the beads.

More challenging questions (points awarded based on usefulness of answer):

* If you tried playing using just three colors, did you notice any significant difference in difficulty as compared to the default four colors?
-The game is slightly more difficult, but not so's you'd really notice, it's pretty difficult to get the spools you want anyway, this doesn't affect it much.

* How often do you get a bead? Does this feel like the right amount, or do you get far too many of them? Would you like an option to destroy a bead that you don't want?
-I quite like how many beads you get, because usually you can't do much useful with them anyway, except clear spots for more spools. If you get an extra bead, but your counter is full, you should be able to choose which bead you want to trash, instead of having three green beads because the new one knocked out the wild I was saving.

* How often do you change the width of the loom? Do you like having this option?
It's a good option, it does make a difference. It makes it a little more challenging to find perfect rows because you have to hold different numbers in your head.

* Playing on the level that you enjoy the most, what strategy or technique did you use?
-I tried to use the beads as much as possible to stock up on spools which would give me perfect rows, whether or not it fit the pattern perfectly.

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