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Posted by DreadedChris at Jul 17, 2007 10:12:27 PM
Re: Blacksmithing puzzle
Well, I'm currently wondering if people have got an masterpieces yet, and also whats you highest combo? It doesn't keep track of Vegas' but I counted and my highest so far is Vegasx10. (<3 1's)

People got Masterpieces a few times when it was in testing on Ice, at least one with the same rules exactly (I think) as was rolled out onto the production oceans.

Don't worry about the vegases; go for the other kinds of combos, all 4 numbers and all 4 chess pieces. Or if you're still at the early level, all 3 numbers and 3 chess pieces.
The best of done with those is I think only a chain of 3 - chess->numbers->chess.
Alternating sets are worth more, but I find it hard to get more than a chain of 2. There's always some piece that there's only one of and it's not well placed. Eh.
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