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Posted by damagon at Jul 17, 2007 7:56:52 PM
Re: Blacksmithing puzzle
Ok so I got home from work and what I see... BS!!!! (thats BlackSmithing >.>) and I just couldn't believe it. I mean it is the very same puzzle from Ice, no changes. Quite frustrating, but oh well, really didn't mind since I never got a chance to play it in there anyway.

Now, regardless of the awfull glowing that totally confuses me (I just cannot tell if the piece glowing has been struck once, twice or thrice? and have to wait till the glow dims to find out) I LOVE the puzzle :D , I have already been playing for a decent amount of time, and I just can't stop. Finally a puzzle that entertains me as much as carps. yay!

Also, the sound effects are a little annoying monotonous, I had to turn the sound off after a while. I dont know I still get the feeling the cosmetics of the game aren't quite ready yet. Hopefully the Devs have something in mind already.

Anywho, great puzzle. I guess it's time to open an Ironmongers now.

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