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Posted by Quintalis at May 18, 2004 2:21:38 PM
Distilling Help:
There are several stages to distilling, and I will explain how I personally get through each one.

Stage 1: Shift it baby!

You see that starting screen? All that gets burnt..... the entire next screen too. Every single white piece on that screen has to move to the left, all the way to the left. In doing so, however, you must be -extremely- careful what happens to your supply of black/brown pieces. Make sure that any black pieces on the bottom two rows (at least) move up, and that any brown pieces in the top two rows move down. The farther up-down you can swap these two, (stratifying them on the lefthand side of your screen.) the better. You want to keep shifting white to the left, however I find keeping a 2 column buffer full of black/brown stratified pieces on the left helps out a lot. If at any point I do not need to shift white (if it's about to hit the furnace) I'm usually arranging my black/brown pieces.

Stage 2: Roadblocks (aka. Spices)

Spices suck, pure and simple. In the grand sceme of things all spices do is get in your way. If you run into a bad spice blockade, there is nothing you can do about it, but most spice blockades can be worked around. If you follow the upward and downward columns from the right edge of a spice, you'll see a triangle. I.E.:

If any white pieces reside in these spaces, they are top priority for movement! Once the screen shifts too far to the right, it can get trapped behind a spice barrier because you can no longer get a black/brown piece to retrieve it with! Working around this can be very difficult or impossible.

Stage 3: Endgame

Once you can no longer shift an entire column of white to the left, STOP. Be careful with this, it's hard to tell when to keep going and when to stop shifting. Being conservative can cost you one more vital column of pieces, and being zealous can cost you a bleech! (or lots of burnt pieces, or just a non CC row.) Once you stop shifting, it's time to fill in the gaps. If you have any left in the middle of your white, fill those first. (Usually accomplished simply by moving the offending piece to the left side of the white mass, but if it's a black stuck at the bottom, or a brown at the top, you'll need to do some recon with other black/orange pieces. Once you have filled in a few columns from incoming white pieces you will start to approach the end of your chain. This is also a semi-crucial point. At which point do you stop attempting to fill in that last white column? A good judge of this is statistics, you will, on the average, get 3 white pieces per incoming column. So if you only have 2 columns left, and you want to fill one more column, it better be a spice filled 9-high column. Thats about all for now, possibly more later.

Oh, and come work at Quintalis' Distilling Stall on turtle!
(Hurray for blaitant advertising!)
- Quintalis, the far too old.

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