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Posted by Soar at Jun 12, 2007 6:28:24 AM
Re: [Updated] Ship sizes

I'd like to see some confirmed numbers for the new ships too :]

All the QM numbers are stored in the Config.txt in the main QuarterMaster installation directory. Feel free to mess with them and utilize it as a testing engine.

I plugged in the wiki numbers for the two new ships as is.

The old ramming and HP tests done a while back for QM were accurate for the numbers back then with the exception of the cutter HP. That one we never settled on which is why you see the incorrect damage block numbers for cutters sometimes in the QM damage counter. We just couldn't pin point a number that matched all test results. So we used the one that displayed the fewest errors. It would need tests designed specifically for the cutter I reckon.

Also note that double damage rams are possible due to shunting most likely. You need to keep an eye on that when testing.


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