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Posted by chupchup at Jun 11, 2007 3:36:17 AM
Re: [Updated] Ship sizes
Although come to think of it, that seems off for War Frigs. Question: how many blocks does a Sloop get for ramming a War Frig one time? And while I'm at it, to make sure, does a single ram from a GF max a Sloop?

18 blocks. A GF ram inflicts 24 blocks on a sloop. 14 rams from a sloop inflict 34 blocks on a cutter! If those 7.2 numbers were correct, a cutter would receive 35 blocks instead. That error may have crept in because of confusion between rock rams and ship rams.

Tailspin uses a table of hit points in this post that is different from yours, but here is a HP table that uses no fractions and is easily converted to number-of-blocks.

6 9 12

S 36 60
C 45 75
D 45 75
B 72 120
MB 72 120
WB 90 150
MG 108 180
WF 180 300
GF 216 360

Now for the zinger... I haven't tested the dhows and baghlahs yet, are those numbers correct? What about rams?
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