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Posted by BUCHANKO at Jun 11, 2007 1:26:27 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
i would like to propose an idea for two new trophy's

the trophy's would be awarded to player who have gone out hunting brigands on the navy. the first trophy would be that they win 50 battles against the brigands this seems a lot but buy the time that they got this trophy they should have a very good idea on how to use a boat to it best but possible out come to win a battle. in which it would reflect on how they run there pillages when jobbing.
plus it would show the captain that the said officer has achievement a certain level in bnav i know that we get the normal standing but at least you would know that they ahve done the hard yards to get this trophy

the second trophy would be 100 wins on brigand with the navy

this like the same above would help the pirates and would show a certain skill level

plus then captain could put this into use for officer and fleet officer test if they want
cos you can be told how to bnav and shown how to bnav but it isnt the same as you doing the bnav and learning the hard from be blown out of the water it still comes down to having your own style of bnav and what work best with your style of play

Yeah... just wanted to tell that it is a very usefull suggestion.
Coz captains would know of the members skill level.But i should be added like first trophy 50 battle second 150 third 400 and so on.Or may be even not such way but the idea is great.

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