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Posted by chupchup at Jun 10, 2007 2:36:23 AM
Re: [Updated] Ship sizes
While I don't have the resources to test all those numbers directly, I did find some shocking discrepancies with QuarterMaster vs. the tables vs. reality.

The numbers for ramming are accurate vs. rocks, and for sloops and merchant brigs. But ship vs. ship rams are different?! Cutter rams - what the hell? QM shows this as 0.5 smalls. My testing with 2 rams produced 4 blocks when QM shows 5. The rest of the numbers are off in the opposite way; from the war brig on up, QM shows 2, 2.5, 3, and 4 small shot for each ram. QM's numbers are more in line with my recollection here - that rocks hurt less than ships.

Also, as I was tracking damage by number-of-blocks, I noticed that QM's math for rocks uses truncation, while rams are rounded, when adding partial blocks.

So, I'll ask QuarterMaster users (and I guess I'll post in the support thread:) does the damage counter always give you a perfectly accurate count of SF block damage? I think being able to calculate blocks is the best way to arrive at HP numbers, since SF damage has a ceiling of 36, and sinking appears to be exactly 60 "blocks."
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