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Posted by Rengor at Jan 19, 2003 3:43:48 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Thanks to all crewmembers and jobbers for pillaging with me last night. It was a really profitable night where we were able to take on brig after brig and defeat them with just 5 of us (defeat them most times that is).

I made about 6k and my wife 7k, so it's definitely very profitable to pillage lads.

Here's a little info on why it worked for us. It's a small guide for pillaging if you will.

- Too much damage causes bilge to build faster, so keep damage under 1/4. Carpentry is still kinda hard, so finding a good NPP (respected or better) is a good idea.

- Too much bilge causes the ship and token creation to slow down heavily. Keep it under 1/4. Bilging is fairly easy (with no damage), so no need to hire NPPs specifically for that (if you are more than 1 players onboard).

- Tokens during Sea Battle is only created thru sailing. So if bilge and damage is below 1/4 everyone jump to sails.

- Navigation will boost the effectiveness of sailing. And it's completing the rings that will make you speed up not keeping the puzzle down by lining them in 3s.

- While the captain is busy navigating, engaging enemies and doing the sea battle, another player should be responsible for moving NPPs around to balance bilge, damage and speed. This is a REALLY important task.

- When hiring NPPs you want to get good swordsmen as a primary skill, one good carpenter as a secondary, and one good or several medium sailors to help you get tokens. Also take other players skills into account. And note the NPPs initial skills, since the skills they are born with are their actual skills, even if it shows that they improve over time.

Here's the skill levels:
- Able
- Distinguished
- Respected
- Master
- Renowned
- Grand-Master
- Legendary
- Ultimate
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

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