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Posted by chupchup at Jun 9, 2007 12:37:25 PM
Re: [Updated] Ship sizes
I had always assumed that a Cutter had 125 hit points and maxed at 7.5 shots but apparently it's listed as having 120 and maxing at 7.2. I can not for the life of me recalled why I ever thought the former though I'd assume I tried it out at some point... can someone remind me why we know it's the latter?

Just curious.

Arrrgh, it appears that a bad Wiki edit has crept into our collective consciousness. I have always cribbed from the Ship article , which was changed several months ago with the 7.2 numbers. (Same chart in Sea Battle.) When the Dhow came out, the error was replicated on its page. Accordingly, I updated the Cutter page with the wrong info. Now QuarterMaster has incorporated the bogus numbers too, and it's all partly my fault. I even found a forum post claiming the 7.2 as a reference for my edit :-(

I'm pretty sure the Dhow has the same HP as a Cutter, and the Baghlah the same as a Merchant Brig, so they should have the same damage/ramming characteristics. This has gotta be easy to double-check; I made a few lame attempts at cutter vs. cutter rams but my math sucks.

The same Wiki user changed the ram damage numbers for the Grand Frigate, too, so those are also suspect.
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