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Posted by rixation at Jun 8, 2007 6:36:32 AM
Re: [Updated] Ship sizes
But if those old May 2005 images were yers, then BLESS ye fer doing it back then.

Heh, you're welcome. Glad someone at least got some use out of them. Remember, these were from before the wiki went mainstream (before the current iteration of "yppedia", anyway)...which leads me to:
Question: is there a page (or three) on the Wiki where these three images would be appropriate for posting? It's likely best in the long run if they were hosted there, so that others can update them if/when another ship type is added, and so we don't have to worry about the possibility of me losing the website I have them on at the moment.

The info is listed on each ship's individual page, as well as the generic "Ship" page, so I'm not sure that the images are even necessary anymore since you could print out the graphs already there. If there's enough demand for it though, I'll clean up the current images so the text matches, and maybe modernize the layout a bit, so they're suitable for posting.

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