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Posted by AvaPoet at Jan 18, 2003 12:29:55 AM
Not The Case
So, now the Dastardly Dragons are selling themselves as the most democratic crew, which they aren't (we're all officers)...

Not really; but we're the fairest crew which still maintains some kind of security and promotion structure.

I admire you Mutineers and your trust of people, but it is a liability to you: so many Officers! But I admire it, anyway.

In our case, at least by the time a crewman has bought us a ship, we're pretty sure of thier loyalty! It's not foolproof, but it works, and, more to the point, makes sure we have plenty of ships! We seem to have six, now. A brig, two large sloops, and three small sloops.

Our structure and policies may change with the advent of Flags and Crew Purses, whichever comes first, but for now, we're proud of who we are.

You are right, though, about "same old people". For this reason, we, unlike the Dastards and (presumabley) unlike the Mutineers, will keep an upper limit on our crew size (which is flexible, but currently at "about 30"). Beyond this we'll consider "swapping out" people who spend very little time online with prospective new people. This will keep us fresh and dynamic, ensure that we have an active crew at all times, and keep a sense of privilege among those we hold dear.

Thanks for mentioning us, though, Mutineers. Oh; and Gilbert - I'll see thee at the end of my sword, again, soon! I'm barely done spending all the money you gave me last time! =o)
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