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Posted by kierra214 at May 12, 2007 3:51:41 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
we need some trophies for gunners in cades~ its bad enough that they some times dont get paid for gunning

It's not enough that you're rank can't go down in a blockade? I was under the impression that a lot of gunners were using blockades to boost their stat.
chain shot (pic would be like one cb with a few chain links from it) for loading like 5000 cannons in blockades

There already is a counter trophy for guns, why have a special one for blockades?
and have something like the tokens for number of guns loaded per segment, or round
oaken token of gunning (like other oakens) 30 guns loaded per segment (so 150ish round)

Seal of gunning (like others seals) 50 guns loaded per segment (250 per round)...

The oaken tokens and seals are for bonus pieces generated on the other duty puzzles. Gunning doesn't have blockade bonus pieces. Plus, these trophies would be less dependent on what the gunner does and more dependent on how many times the bnavver shoots.

I think fixing the gunning blockade pay would be more useful to make gunners feel more included in blockades. All these suggestions are just giving gunners tons of trophies for doing the same thing: being good at gunning. Plus there's already tons of people wanting to gun. This would just cause more "can I gun, I'm really good" spam for the XOs.
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